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Transforming thoughts into actions

How many SWOT analyses have you completed in your career?
What did you do with it when you’d finished?
How many times have you referred back to it during the year?
If you’re like most marketers, you will have ticked the SWOT off the To Do list and moved on.
What about the marketing plan? It’s done. It’s approved. Now what?
So many of the documents we create become lifeless once we’ve completed them. Words on a page or a slide that get filed.
Sadly, many of these documents are just that – words on a page, instead of being living, breathing works of art that drive your business or build your brand by engaging with customers the way they want to be engaged.
There is a better way. Rational reasoning reaches conclusions, but emotional engagement elicits actions.
There’s a special skill in transforming words and thoughts into something that resonates in a meaningful way. After more than 30 years of practice, we believe we may have perfected it.
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