Choosing the right customer

Do you know who your customer isn’t?

When a sculptor starts work on a new masterpiece, he or she begins with a much larger piece of material, and slowly removes the bits that aren’t needed. It’s a great technique that we, as marketers, could learn from. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who our ideal customer is. It’s like staring at a […]

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What is a brand?

It’s a brand…stupid

Not unexpectedly, the launch of the new iPhone Xs received the usual avalanche of media attention, along with the usual levels of praise and criticism. To each, his or her own. What did surprise me however, was a post on social media by someone who couldn’t believe that people would part with so much hard earned […]

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Move the elephant

Why feelings beat facts in successful marketing communication

If you want results, learn to move the elephant.Just because we have access to facts doesn’t mean we’ll do anything about them.We know that some things are bad for our health, yet we continue to do them.We know that some things are good for our health, but we continue to avoid them.So why do we […]

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